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Absolutely terrific, congratulations on a stellar artistic achievement. I truly love Connections" Terry Hummel, Former Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine

"Great playing, great recording and job well done -- some really nicely done seriously good music." Scott Tichenor--Mandolin Cafe Host and Website Owner--Lawrence, Kansas

"The quality of musicianship is uniformly high - astonishingly so." Arthur Elliott, Sidestream 99.7 FM--Brisbane, Australia

"You rarely hear someone with this dexterity on ALL the mando family instruments, who writes for the many voices of the mandolin, within a larger band context. Mark wails on these larger bodied mando behemoths." Arthur Stern Co-Mando Review--Benicia, California

"I'm really excited about this next CD.  Mark Daly's music has really connected with me.  It has a great line-up of musicians.  It is a great CD." Strings & Things Radio Broadcast introducing Connections--Billings, Montana



"I don't know anyone who plays like Mark. He seems to follow spur-of-the-moment ideas, one right after the other. Always curious, always searching, always energetic, always enthusiastic. I am happy to have such an encouraging and positive personality in my realm of acquaintances. I think we could all learn lessons from Mark's attitude towards life and living." Mike Compton--Grammy Award winning artist and American Treasure--Nashville, Tennessee

"Your track KILLER BEES is placed among the 10 most requested titles at our RTW radio program. Congratulations, all the best and lots of success!" Christina Claesberg -- Director, Old Stringhouse Music Program--Herford, Germany

My heart lifted instantly. This is just the sort of gem we radio people live to discover."  Phil Young--Folk On The Fringe, Mountain District Radio, 3MDR--Victoria, Australia

"One of the best mandolin players in the country." Taylor Farley, DJ on WNKU Live Radio Broadcast--Highland Heights, Kentucky



"Impressive work, perfectly played and arranged by a fabulous bunch of players under the direction of an excellent composer and mandolin player.” Massimo Ferro -- Radio Voce Spazio--Alessandria, Italy

"Original tunes that sound at once like bluegrass classics yet refreshingly new; and the energy of this freewheeling instrumental showcase never seems to let up! This Cincinnati-based mandolin killer is set to announce himself to the world. Don't miss it!" Elderly Instruments Review--Connections is a featured "Hot Platter" CD in Elderly's Instruments music catalogue--Lansing Michigan

Over 560,000 songs were reviewed with entries from over 160 countries. The Judges went through five rounds of reviews to select the nominees.” Mark Daly’s "Darwin’s Circle" received a Roots Instrumental Award Nomination from Just Plain Folks (grass root Grammys). 


Mark Daly Won The Festival of The Bluegrass 2009 Parking Lot Picker Award (shown above). Mark was honored - there are so many worthy pickers at this festival.

Mark Daly Won The Festival of The Bluegrass 2009 Parking Lot Picker Award (shown above). Mark was honored - there are so many worthy pickers at this festival.

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