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  • Mark Daly's Art -- Mark has won major national awards, is sold in prominent galleries and collected worldwide. More information at:

  • Steven Daly -- Mark's son Steven is a great songwriter and musician. Mark has performed with Steven on many occasions and recorded mandolin on Steven's Better Blue Than Black EP: StevenDaly

  • Patrick Daly -- Mark's son Patrick is an inventor. He created a superb solar sound music system:

  • Voodoo Loons -- An innovative Irish/American rock band. Mark has performed with The Loons and recorded mandolin family instruments on their The Criminal Ear and Euphobia CDs and The Winter Trail single: Voodoo Loons

  • Larry & Tim Goshorn -- Both were members of Pure Prairie League and The Goshorn Brothers Band. Mark has performed with Larry and Tim on many occasions and recorded mandolin on Larry's I Wish I Could Fly CD: PurePrairieLeague

  • Henry Butler -- According to Dr. John, Henry Butler is "the pride of New Orleans, a visionalistical down-home cat and a hellified piano plunker to boot." Mark Daly has had the honor of performig blues/jazz mandolin with Henry:

  • Shannon Tanner -- The official Website for Shannon Tanner, one of the best family entertainers in the business. Mark Daly is on Shannon's live CDs and has had the pleasure of performing with Shannon in Colorado, Georgia and Ohio:

  • Blue Rock -- Mark Daly was a band member for fifteen years (performed with Peter Rowan, Josh Graves & Kenny Baker, opened for Bela Fleck on multiple occasions...). Mark recorded mandolin on Down a Different Road and Aunt Maudie's Back Albums/CDs: Bluerock

  • Paul Schmitz -- Paul is a great songwriter and performer. Mark Daly recorded mandolin on Paul's Raised By Wolves CD (The Low Rollers): Low Rollers

  • Jeff Coffin -- Grammy Award winning musician Jeff Coffin plays sax with The Dave Matthews Band and The Mu'Tet. He also played with Bela Fleck for many years. Jeff plays sax and flute on Mark's Inspired! CD:

  • Scott Vestal -- Scott is a great banjo player and recording engineer. He plays banjo on Mark's Inspired! CD:

  • Randy Kohrs -- Randy is one of the best resophonic guitar players. He plays on Mark's Inspired! and Connections projects:

  • Andy Leftwich -- Grammy Award winning musician Andy Leftwich plays fiddle on Mark's Inspired! and Connections CDs. He plays with Ricky Skaggs, among others:

  • Clay Hess --Grammy Award winning guitarist Clay Hess is a brilliant musician. He plays on Mark's Connections CD:

  • Jeff Taylor -- Jeff plays on many recordings. He plays accordion and piano on Mark's Inspired! CD: Jeff Taylor

  • John Cowan -- John has a great voice. He was the lead singer and bass player for The Newgrass Revival and his own band. He now sings and plays bass with the Doobie Brothers. He sang on Mark's Inspired CD:

  • Sam Bush -- The official Website for Sam Bush. Scott Vestal, Todd Parks and Chris Brown play with Sam and are guest artists on Mark's Inspired! CD:

  • Mike Compton -- The official Website for Mike Compton. Mike is an American treasure and a masterful mandolin player:

  • Bela Fleck -- The official Website for the Flectones. Jeff Coffin played sax with the Flectones and plays on Mark's Inspired! CD:

  • Arthur Stern Studios -- Arthur is "in the know" when it comes to the mandolin community. He also creates world class architectural glass:

  • Will Kimble -- A world-class mandolin luthier and friend. Kimble mandolin # 164 was used on Inspired!:

  • Steve Gilchrist -- Steve is considered by many to be the "Stradivarius of mandolins." Gilchrist mandolin family instruments were used on all tracks of Connections:

  • Jim Hilburn -- Jim makes an unbelievable octave mandolin. Acquired just before recording, # 54 ended up on ten tracks of Inspired! Kick The Tires was written the day before it was recorded (inspired by checking out Hilburn # 54):

  • The Mandolin Cafe -- Scott Tichener does a terrific job with his Website. It has many valuable mandolin resources including a comprehensive database of luthiers, news, music, classifieds, and more:

  • CD Baby -- Good resource for non-mainstream music including Mark Daly's Inspired! and Connections CDs:

  • Mark's Inspired! CD is available at: CD Baby iTunes, Amazon

  • Mark's Connections CD is available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby

  • Mark Daly Business Books -- Mark is the author of several widely used books to help businesses and people be more successful: Books

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